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[Tiktok] Crystal Capsules

[Tiktok] Crystal Capsules

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♦CRYSTAL BIG SPIN♦:Each ball contains only 1 kind of crystal item, it could be one item or several items of the same kind. The higher your probability of getting the hidden ball.

♦Items you can possibly get♦: (you only get 1 kind of them for each ball, each kind may contain 1 piece or a few pieces, depending on the item value; For each kind, the materials are random, we don't accept requests for materials)

An unique sphere
Pinky Pinky
Gorgeous Rings
A cute animal
Vibrant Palms
Crush on you
Tower combo
A red color piece
Lovely dishes/
Druzy tower combo
A green sphere
Flower agate pieces
Fluorite cuties combo
KT Twins
Mushie Mushie
Fancy handbags
Heart to heart
A fairy ~
Druzy Druzy
Purple Love~
Ice Cream
My Heart Will Go On

or other crystals...

♦About Packing Video♦: We ALWAYS randomly choose orders to film packing videos. We do NOT guarantee packing videos for anyone or any order since we are a small business that has many things to do every day, we just may not have time to film it, hope you can understand. If you are buying only because you want to see the packing video of your order, please do not purchase.

♦Delivery ♦

Processing time>> within 7 days at the latest after payment

Shipping time: normally 10-20 workdays, shipping may be delayed because of covid or other situations sometimes.

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