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[Tiktok] Jerry Surprise Crystal Wall

[Tiktok] Jerry Surprise Crystal Wall

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Product description

What do you get? Only God knows.

Good luck to you, guys!

1. There are a total of 55 goods, you can buy a ball, you get the same number of goods
Example: You get the number 6, you get the goods number 6
If you buy 5 sphere,you can get 7 sphere,buy 10 get 15 !!!
(Have Sphere,Tower,Egg,Free from,Carving....)

This game does not include free delivery for $99. I'm sorry, because these things are very heavy. I hope you can understand

2. If you want to buy towers, balls, ball holders or other

polished crystals, Please tell us host ,We will do our best

3. Shipping details are also trackable on this web site. You can

also consult our customer service. Don't worry because we

know kindness and honesty are the foundation of all business.

4. For the order placed will be packaged within 24-48 hour and

delivered about 15-30 days.

5. Please make sure your order address is correct, because

once your package is shipped, we will not be able to modify

your address and we will be exempt from returns for orders

that have been shipped but have not arrived.

6.I hope you can be happy here,enjoy live!

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